The name my parents decided to give me. Somewhere along the line, I decided that the name was not good enough for my online endeavors and gave myself the screen name of THEOPPOSER. It was shortened to “T.O” after the relentless jeering of friends chanting “Theproposer”.

The relationship between my name and nickname pretty much defines my life. What do they have in common you may ask? I say nothing! For example I am an accounting and finance major with a minor in computer science. This duality of interests is present in almost every facet of my life. I don’t think I have diverse interests, in fact I have very specific interests. They just happen to lie on the opposite ends of the spectrum! For instance, I like romantic comedies and love Sci-Fi as well. I like Linkin Park and Demi Lovato. I like John Grisham and J.K Rowling. Even my temparament is inconsistent, I am usually a very calm person that is susceptible to emotional outbursts occasionally. My notions of morality are no different. My circle of friend’s is very representative of this duality as well.

As to why this duality exists, it is an enigma even to myself. I take solace in the fact that I am never quite the person I am perceived to be